Central Industrial Design L.L.C.


                CID represents a combined effort of a team of electrical engineering, electrical and mechanical contractors who have worked together in one form or the other in industry for many years.

                I know that we can be of service to you're company.


More about our team:

                We have developed, fabricated, built, rebuilt, and integrated control for many different industrial type applications.

                Our experience consists of many total fabrications with complete control, rebuilds of old equipment with either added improved control or complete control installations.

     We have field proven control development methods using AB, Modicon, TI, Siemens S7 safety and non-safety PLCs as well as several different brands and types of HMI systems.

                 We put a lot of effort and focus on safety, from the beginning to the end, with the end user's safety and usability foremost in our thought and development process.

                We were for-runners in using and integrating Safety PLC's in our applications. We do total safety PLC control at high levels without the use of confusing relay bypassing safety circuits.

                All of our developments in control are done as simply as possible with for-thought to future capabilities. We try to do things in a way that the average electrical maintenance person can easily fix and repair. All logic is done in simple ladder when capable and simple easy to understand hardwire drawings are provided in all of our equipment we provide, rebuild, integrate or modify.

                We provide complete backup for all of our control development including detailed AutoCAD drawings.

These are always provided openly to our customer.       

                We have developed over the last several years in ways that many are either only now or maybe still have no focus on, or put any effort into, which is energy efficiency. Many do not realize how much money can be saved and how much more green we can be in industry with the proper automation/control being integrated into existing equipment or being thought thru during development. It does make the initial costs some higher creating more branched circuits, contactors, etc. , more time and thought in installation and control, and different thought in some mechanical processes, but quickly is compensated for in energy savings for our customer.

                In this world of business as it is today many bids for work are done keeping the dollar amount low and not giving the whole costs in an effort to get the bid and add additional charges as the job progresses.

                We try to make our estimates or quotes to include the complete package without unknown hidden costs. This most definitely has caused us to loss work in the past, but this is the only way we can do our business. Honestly, thoroughly and customer focused.

                We are simply an honest, customer focused group of professionals.

                We sincerely hope to have an opportunity to serve you at you're plant.

                Please call me anytime at (270)646-0493.


Rickey W. Davis

Central Industrial Design, L.L.C.

Phone: 270-646-0493

  • Control Design, Programming, HMI/SCADA Development

  • Servo/VFD (Drives of all types) Design and Programming

  • Electrical Installations

  • Control Panel Builds
  • Robot Programming

  • AutoCAD Drawings

  • Vision Systems

  • Project Management

  • Training
  • Machine Fabrication and Installation